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Where else can I put it then?

So adding accessories to any inflatable boat requires the right conditions and surroundings.

Glue needs to set at the right temperature, it needs to be dry and away from any distracting animals including bird poop, so the garden was of no use and the man cave was just too chocker.

So what better place to set the boat up and glue these Railblaza Ribmounts for adding all the accessories other than the kitchen table.

Susie was away with the girls so I had to make hay while the sun shines as they say.

Didn’t take too long. Railblaza products are the business.

Just as I was about to sit back and have a cuppa while the glue dried, in walks the boss of the kitchen.

OH MY GOD!! turned into ‘Actually that looks pretty cool’ followed by a few snaps taken by Susie to post on social media. All this time I was grinning from ear to ear feeling pretty chuffed with my afternoons work and looking forward to getting it on the water.

Left over night to dry the social media comments were turning from ‘happy to let him be’ to ‘the only drawer I can now reach in the kitchen is the knife drawer’. She wouldn’t would she?

I had to move the boat sharpish.

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