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This Months Latest

This Months Latest

If you’re an angler who enjoys spending time on YouTube, chances are you’re already familiar with the dynamic duo known as Carl & Alex. These two brothers have developed quite a reputation for their unwavering passion for fishing. Ever since they were little kids, they’ve been sharing their thrilling fishing adventures and impressive catches, captivating audiences with their tremendous success.

Now, as their individual channels take on distinct paths, Carl & Alex have decided to embark on a thrilling new journey in the realm of SIB (Soft Inflatable Boat) fishing. It’s a bold step for these fishing enthusiasts, as they explore the possibilities and challenges offered by this exciting branch of the sport.

Recently, Alex, accompanied by his college friend Harry from Bodle Angling, paid me a visit. They were on a mission to acquire the perfect vessel for their SIB fishing endeavors – the renowned Hydrus 3.7m air deck inflatable boat. Recognized for its quality and performance, the Hydrus was the ideal choice to enhance their fishing experiences.

In the months that followed their acquisition of the Hydrus, Alex and Harry encountered a mix of outcomes during their fishing excursions. They faced challenges, experienced moments of triumph, and learned valuable lessons along the way. However, their dedication and perseverance paid off, and they are currently achieving remarkable success in their fishing endeavors.

If you take a moment to watch Alex’s recently shared video on his channel, you’ll witness firsthand how both Alex and Harry have become the newest enthusiasts to relish the joys of fishing from a Hydrus. The video showcases their remarkable fishing experiences, the thrill of being on the water, and the undeniable advantages offered by the Hydrus as their trusted companion.

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