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Sibfest Events

Sibfest is an organisation dedicated to SIB enthusiasts looking to meet up with other like minded SIB owners and fish marks across different locations around the UK.
IBF have arranged several meetups since 2019 including a three day bank holiday spectacular where we launched and fished from Littlehampton, Newhaven and Shoreham respectively.
This year Sibfest 2023 was a species hunt that took place on Sunday 11th June launching from Littlehampton Harbour slipway with 20% of the entry fees going to the nearby Shoreham RNLI.

Target species – Bass, Wrasse and Bream. 

Visit the 
Facebook group for details. 

With 35 entries the prizes and entry fees totaled over £1200 that was up for grabs to the biggest catches. 

Many thanks to the sponsors of the event who have so generously supplied the prizes

If you’d like to get involved then simply join the Facebook group and say hi

A huge shoutout to everyone that showed up at Sibfest 23 yesterday.
So, out of the 20 sibs and all the anglers who entered, we ended up with a modest 16 sibs on the actual day.

The entry fees added up to £555, which, when split four ways, meant each prize was worth a decent £138.75.
Unfortunately, no bass were caught that day, so we’ve stashed away the cash and goody bag for that species, ready to be unleashed at the next IBF competition.

Engines were purring and we were all geared up, ready to set off at 8 am. The fog horn blew, and off we went down Littlehampton harbor entrance to our chosen spots.

There was a mix of experience and engine sizes, so some decided to play it safe and stay close in, while others bravely ventured further out.

Luckily, the scorching heatwave from the day before had subsided, much to the relief of most of us. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure there would’ve been a bunch of us melting in the heat.
We had our VHF channel set, keeping us connected throughout the day.

Catching fish proved to be quite the challenge for some, while others were reeling them in left and right, but not the right species for the competition in some cases.

Before we knew it, the deadline crept up on us, and we all headed back in, patiently waiting for the slipway to clear so we could return, safe and sound, with minimal engine troubles.

Of course, just as we were docking, the heavens decided to open up, resulting in a chaotic scramble to pack up and seek refuge at Tides Cafe, who graciously kept their doors open for the awards ceremony.
As we all dried off and shared tales of our adventures, I sifted through the photos that were sent in to determine who would walk away with the loot.

After a suspenseful drumroll from the lively crowd, the winners were finally announced….

Tim Large nabbed a goody bag overflowing with Bodle Angling lures, GavMan rigs, Cox & Rawle rigs, Craftinsure and Cox & Rawle caps, Railblaza accessories, an IBF T-Shirt, a Craftinsure insurance voucher, and a load of tackle box stickers. Oh, and let’s not forget the £138.75 in cold, hard cash for reeling in the biggest wrasse, measuring a whopping 38cm.

Rhys Caleno scored the same fantastic haul for catching the biggest bream at 37cm, while Neil Austin took home the ultimate champion’s goody bag, with an extra box of Fishin Addict lures thrown in for his impressive combo of wrasse and bream, securing the title of the biggest overall catch.

Be sure to check out the overall standings and event photos below.
Lastly, a massive round of applause goes out to all the sponsors who generously donated such incredible prizes for the event.
See you at the next Sibfest, folks!

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