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The Seago Range

The Seago Range

Seago offer a comprehensive range of lifejackets. 

Designed to the highest quality to meet all the SIB anglers requirements.

These vary in size from the junior lifejacket with 150 Newtons of buoyancy to the 180 Newtrons and top of the range 300 Newtrons used for Offshore boating.

I was delighted to meet up with Dan the CEO of Seago who’s headquarters just happened to be situated up the road from me when I lived in Eastbourne. 

It was only by pure chance (one of many coincidences) that I met up with Dan.

My Seago life jacket had accidentally triggered when I was out on my Kolibri inflatable boat so after a quick online search and a trip up to their nearby office I was able to get the gas cylinder replaced by Dan himself who never usually answers the phone. 

While there and without knowing much about the company, I noticed one or two inflatable boats laying around. This was only a few months after I’d created the Facebook Group. I mentioned my newly formed interest to which Dan replied, ‘Step into my office’. 

That was my lightbulb moment. The thought I could start a business selling inflatable boats through my group sprung from that chance meeting.

After further discussions over the phone about creating my own designed SIB specifically for anglers to fish from the Hydrus idea started. 

Dan asked me to email some design ideas for an ‘angler friendly’ SIB for him to forward to his factory in China and see what they could do. 

Two months later I’d received two prototype Hydrus inflatable boats. I kept one and sold one to a member of the Facebook group. 

The rest as they say is history. 


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