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The ReelMasters Show

Meeting the team from ReelMasters at the Big One Show should have been a stairway to greater things for IBF but instead turned out to be a poisoned chalice.

‘The first of its kind’ it was labelled as. A long awaited saltwater predator angling show. A branded boat competition with top prizes. Sibs were invited to come along for a meet up with a flotilla through the harbour lined walls of spectators….. It was a flop!. With only 12 exhibitor stands, 4 branded boats in the competition and 6 kayaks in the Hobie tournament competition, I could probably say less than 100 visitors passed through the whole weekend.

The weather played a small part as well as the timing of the event with other boat shows taking president over this one. No excuses though, the organisers have a lot to answer to. The promoting, advertising and general running of the event was poor, leaving me wondering if the event will ever take place again.

Sometimes however, in business as well as life you have to take a punt on things and this certainly was a punt. Sadly one that did not paid off….. You live and learn.

It was nice to see some of the Facebook group members turn up despite the weather and some good networking was done with other exhibitors so hopefully greater things may come from them instead.

Fish Hunter UK was there to help out on the stand and we managed to put together a Walk-Around video of the Hydrus models on display for his YouTube channel.

So while I wait until the next big show comes along to exhibit at I can update everyone on the status of the next shipment containing the H5 Camo Hydrus boats and the brand new big kahoona 4.2m ally deck Hydrus. They’re due in the UK at the beginning of November.

I’m certainly looking forward to then to see the new boats.

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