Now taking pre-orders for the H7

The next shipment arrives

I was eager to see the contents of this shipment as it not only had the new H5 Camo Hydrus boats in three different sizes but also the new Classic Hydrus 4.2m aluminium deck ‘Big Kahoona’.

It was a long wait this time with quite a few delays enroute to Southampton.

As always the chaps at the warehouse did a sterling job unloading them and onto the shelves ready for shipping out to customers.

Check out the upgrades to the 4.2m Hydrus and the H5 Camo range for all the details.

Inflatable boats are a great choice for fishing because they are lightweight and portable, making them easy to transport and store.

They are also very stable on the water and provide a comfortable, smooth ride.

In addition, inflatable boats are very durable and resistant to damage, making them a long-lasting investment. nnThe new H5 Camo Hydrus boats and the OG Hydrus 4.2m aluminium deck ‘Big Kahoona’ are both excellent options for those interested in purchasing an inflatable boat for fishing.

Be sure to check out the details of these boats and see how they can enhance your fishing experience.

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