Now taking pre-orders for the H7

The new H5 Camo

With IBF recently exhibiting at The Big One angling show with intention to enter the coarse angling sector, the latest model ‘H5 Camo’ prototype arrived in good time for the show and drew a huge interest with pre sales taken.

We know Carp anglers love their space so although the bench seats are the same as the OG Hydrus on the prototype, we do intend to extend them over the tubes.

We’ve gone with a green and olive green colour scheme to blend in with the surroundings most carp anglers find themselves in but without looking out of place if used inshore sea fishing.

The H5 Camo Hydrus is available to pre-order now.

Due to arrive in the UK mid November 2022.

These are limited stock so order as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

“Inflatable boat fishing in stealth mode is the future and IBF are at the forefront”
Carlo Lupi

Take a closer look at the H5 Camo and you’ll notice a few visible changes we’ve made going from the H3 to the H4 and H5.

The grab handle on the inside of the tube is now angled giving a better grip to support your back while steering and we’ve added pressure rings to the air valves that show the exact pressure each chamber needs to be inflated to giving the best performance from the boat.

The new floor support rails are designed so you can swap between the air deck and the ally deck depending on the conditions, how many of you are on board and what type of fishing you’re doing.

If you’re fishing alone then opt for the air deck being lighter and easier to set up. If you have company then opt for the ally deck giving a bit more stability or if you’re out in stronger winds.

All parts of the Hydrus that were glued or stitched together in the past are now heat welded making for an even stronger overall build. 

And finally, from the H4 onwards the air decks now come with an extra layer of 0.7mm pvc material added to help prevent accidental damage from fish hooks and spines.

After showcasing both the OG Hydrus and the H5 Camo along with the Epropulsion Spirt 1 Plus electric engine, we believe the pairing will make an exceptional combo for river fishing not only in the UK but on the rivers and lakes throughout Europe.

Where will you take yours?

Adding an Epropulsion Spirit 1 Plus electric engine to this boat enables you to get close in to the banks and rocks in stealth mode.

A H5 Camo/Spirit 1 boat/engine combo is ideal for
 those anglers that visit and fish the lakes of Europe some of which are inaccessible by car. 

With three sizes available 2.4m, 3.0m and 3.7m there’s a H5 Camo for every carp angler out there. 

Inflatable boat fishing in stealth mode is the future and IBF are at the forefront.

Options available:

2.4m slatted deck without RIBPorts – £699

3.0m air deck with 2 RIBPorts pre-installed – £999

3.7m air deck without RIBPorts – £1299

3.7m with both decks without RIBPorts – £1499

3.7m air deck with 4 x RIBPorts – £1419

3.7m with both decks and 4 x RIBPorts – £1619