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Railblaza Accessories

Railblaza Accessories

Accessorising your Hydrus is great fun. Add things like rod holders, bait tables, fish finders, camera mounts, navigation lights and lots more.

If you’ve added a fish finder to your package then we have all the accessories you need to mount it.

To begin with you need to decide which ports to use.

The bigger, square Ribports can be glued to the tubes, ideal for taking the pressure that rod holders can endure.

The smaller round Quickports can also be glued to the tubes and used to mount lighter accessories such as camera mounts, bait tables or rotating platforms to position fish finder units on.

If you prefer not to mount on the tubes then Starports can be bolted or screwed to the seats or transom.

Both Ribports and Quickports come with 3M VHB (Very Hard Bonding) pads but I always recommend using two part glue instead for a better bond especially if mounting rod holders which can take more pressure.

Once you have your Hydrus fitted with ports it’s then time to add some accessories. The main ones are

•   Rod holders

•   Rotating platform to mount fish finder unit

•   Camera mount

•   Transducer arm

•   Navigation lights

•   Tablet holder

•   Caddy

•   Cup holder

There is a wider range of accessories available from Railblaza some of which are not listed. If you know of any other accessory you’d like added simply get in touch.