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Twin Transom Wheels

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Launch your SIB with ease with these Twin Transom wheels made of solid rubber

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Introducing the New IBF Transom Wheels

Upgrade your inflatable boat with our latest transom wheels, designed for enhanced performance and convenience during beach launching and retrieving.

Dual-Wheel Design: Our new model features two wheels on each arm.
This wider surface area ensures smoother and more stable movement, especially on challenging surfaces like shingle or even sandy beaches.

Easy Attachment and Detachment: These wheels are designed for quick and easy attachment and detachment. This feature allows for seamless transitions from transportation to launching.

Solid Puncture-Proof Rubber: Made from 100% solid puncture-proof rubber, these wheels are built to last, providing durability and reliability in all conditions.

Considerate Design: While the wheels offer excellent functionality, it’s important to note that they may interfere with steering when in the ‘up’ position. For optimal performance, consider storing the wheels in the boat or your vehicle prior to launching.

Enhance your boating experience with the robust and reliable IBF Transom Wheels. Ideal for all your beach launching needs!

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