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IBF Floor Support Rails for 3.7m Hydrus

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Exclusive to IBF and sold as a pair.

All 3.7m Hydrus boats are designed so you can switch between air deck and ally deck without any modifications once these floor support rails are fitted.

Once fitted you have the best of both worlds.

If it’s a nice calm, flat day or you’re fishing solo then opt for the air deck being lighter and easier to set up.

If there’s two of you, you’re targeting fish with spines or spikes that risk damage to an air deck or you’re out in stronger winds and bigger waves then opt for the ally deck.

Remove the old rails and replace them with these rails, it’s that easy.

Once ordered you’re entitled to 10% off the extra air deck or ally deck of your choice.

The rails are now embossed with the IBF logo

Shipping cost throughout Mainland UK is FREE.

For shipping overseas please Contact Us.


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