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Baltic Original 1240


Baltic Original 1240 Buoyancy Aid


Baltic Original
  • 5-year warranty
  • High comfort
  • Split floating material
  • Designed in Sweden
  • Made in Europe
  • CE-approved


The Split Front lifejacket is designed to provide children with maximum mobility.

This is achieved through the split floating material on the front, enhancing its flexibility.

The lifejacket includes reflectors, a whistle, crotch straps, and a grab handle behind the collar.

For sizes 3-15 kg, it features wider crotch straps and two fastening points for a better fit.

With 100N buoyancy, this CE-approved lifejacket ensures the user is turned to a supine position, keeping the airways clear above water even if unconscious or unable to swim.

Lifejackets, whether inflatable or with solid buoyant material, always provide most of the buoyancy on the front and have a sturdy collar to support the head.

Ideal for non-swimmers, lifejackets guarantee at least 100N of buoyancy.

Inflatable models vary by conditions, with automatic versions inflating upon water contact and manual versions requiring user activation.

Shipping cost throughout Mainland UK is £8.99

For shipping overseas please Contact Us.

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