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Ocean Angler Lures arrive

I’m always on the lookout for things to add to the website. If it catches my eye and is something new on the market then it floats my boat even more.

Every now and then things come along and you just know they are going to be a hit. For me, Ocean Angler has come along.

With their incandescent lures and lightweight spinner rods as well as a few other items that caught my eye, I was eager to meet up with Marcus Hazeldine from Ocean Angler New Zealand.

Marcus has just moved to the UK and set up base as the European distribution center.

I wanted to test the goods, so I arranged to take Marcus out on the Hydrus to a local spot in Eastbourne.

We got there in good time and spent a good 3 hours testing one after the other and was catching on everyone of them.

The super lightweight rods were a joy to use and the lures were casting and retrieving with ease. I could feel everything. I was very impressed.

We managed a live feed to the Ocean Angler Facebook page If you’d like to test these lures for yourself then head over to the Ocean Angler page now for details. Ocean Angler Lures and Secret Sauce I only have a small selection for now until Marcus is more settled and the whole range is available.

Watch this space

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