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Launching Wheels

Launching Wheels

Launching Wheels

One thing that gets asked a lot in the Facebook group is ‘Which are the best wheels to use for launching?’

The IBF transom wheels are made from solid , puncture proof, buoyant rubber, perfect for the job. Now for 2024 with improved stainless steel reinforced arms.

Available with Single or Twin wheels.For a few extra bucks you can get solid puncture proof wheels.

Guaranteed never to puncture due to them being solid with a slightly soft spongy surface.

For fitting these wheels check the Setting up Your Hydrus page

One of the best launching wheels on the market.

We’ve just sourced the Bow Trolley for 2024.

Ideal for single users to effortlessly maneuver their Hydrus. 

Twin Transom Launching Wheels for an inflatable boat
Single Transom Wheels in the down position ready for launching an inflatable boat onbard a Trailer with the HY60 RUS number plate
Bow Trolley

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Original price was: £169.99.Current price is: £159.99.
Original price was: £159.99.Current price is: £149.99.
Original price was: £139.99.Current price is: £129.99.