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Ladies and gents. The Hydrus II

From start to finish the Hydrus II expected to be finished in six weeks was ready in just three weeks and has landed in the UK as I write this entry with an expected delivery date of March 28th.

I’ve been checking the TNT shipping number watching its journey and am glad to say it’s cleared customs and is very close to landing on my doorstep.

I was excited to see the first Hydrus arrive last year but this year I’m even more excited as the Hydrus II is my own unique design as well as colour scheme.

Luckily the Coronavirus hasn’t halted plans for this sample to be sent and production can take place for the next batch available to buy as soon as I’ve given the sample the once over.

Judging by the photos I’m sure you’ll agree it looks pretty damn cool. Sadly this one I don’t get to keep as it’s been taken by Oban Jones who has big plans for it this summer.

Be sure to follow Oban’s adventures in the Facebook group as he aims to beat the whopper of a PB Bass he caught only a few months ago.

Reserve your Hydrus II now and take advantage of a bow canopy thrown in for free worth £140

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