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IBF Update

In to 2022 and looking back at last year..

The latest batch of Hydrus III boats arrived a little later than had been planned due to unforeseen circumstances importing but looking back now was actually a blessing in disguise.

With the summer ending you’d think boat sales would slow down,, right? Well I did too but to my surprise the interest kept coming and Hydrus sales continued throughout the Autumn months, through to Christmas and now, into the New Year I only have a few left until the next shipment arrives in April/May. All that hard work sharing the social media posts, photos, videos and reels paid off it seems.

The Hydrus really is gaining notoriety on the inflatable boat scene being mentioned alongside the top, very well established brand names. It’s all starting to fall in to place nicely.

One thing I’d always planned for was to have a different coloured Hydrus that would appeal to coarse anglers in the freshwater fishing sector, so plans for a Camo Hydrus were made and with a stand booked at The One Big Show in Farnborough on March 5th – 6th a sample boat has been made and is about to be sent over ready to showcase to the carp anglers attending the show.

A tough market to enter but hey, you have to start somewhere.

The ‘H5 Camo’ looks like it could be a contender. We shall see.

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