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Flyers arrive

So in the post today came the eagerly anticipated flyers professionally made by David Coyle of Resolute Creative designs.

He’d been very patient with my constant strive for perfection and attention to detail in their creation and I must say came up with a great end product.

Between us both we managed to get everything needed squeezed onto both sides while maintaining a stylish look to them.

Building the IBF brand needs the right combination of identity, recognition and creativeness to take it to the right audience.

So what next now that I have them?

Where shall I send them?

Chandlers, tackle shops, outdoor sports centres? Or do I, after all the trouble that’s gone into getting them,

not even bother and keep everything close to my chest?

I do have a plan and luckily a good team of people around me offering some great advice most of, if not all are in the Facebook group following my journey.

I’ve come so far already and still can’t believe I have my own designed boat made up and am selling them quicker than I’d even imagined I would.

If you’d have told me four years ago when I bought my first inflatable boat off Sebastian that I’d have a Facebook group of over 5000 members all talking about the sport and a business selling inflatable boat, engines and accessories, I probably would have laughed.

But here I am and I’m choked about it in all honesty.

The boat looks amazing and have had nothing but praise from everyone around me, I’m determined to take the IBF brand as far as I possibly can.

The Facebook group is flourishing at the moment and the members are making it a truly awesome community.

I may not please everyone with how I choose to run it with the help of a few admin and members offering so much advice and ideas but I don’t think I’m doing too bad.

Susie has been my rock throughout the whole process so far. Not sure how she’s been so patient with me really if I’m honest.

Anyway time to get these flyers to the right people.

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