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First Look at the new design boat in production

So, Seago have sent me some correspondence received from their manufacturers and it looks like the start of the prototype, first build of the new look IBF is underway.

With China just finishing their New Year holiday celebrating the ‘pig’ it was back to work on the build for the staff.

I was a bit worried they may not be able to replicate the exact design I had in mind for the boat but its looking pretty much identical so happy days.

Ben and myself are both chomping at the bit to get them air freighted over in time for the Spring time weather and tides.

They suggested a third logo put on the front but below the anchor rope runner wouldn’t be practical so myself and Ben opted for just the two at the rear. The other question was whether to have the protective guide on top of the runner or bellow it.

We opted to have the runner at the front so the rope was free of the boat to drop straight down into the water and so the guides will be as in the bottom diagram(red boat)

Not the best photos but at least it’s something to see how they are doing and reassuring they are guided by what we want as the final design.

Fingers crossed they look good.

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