Now taking orders for the latest model Hydrus the H7



Here are a few set Q and A’s but you’ll find our Chatbot in the lower right corner the most useful Chatbot around.

Ask whatever you like, its available 24/7

Yes you can. Simply drop us a fishing line explaining what you would like to add, remove or swap in an existing bundle and we will put it together for you where possible.

Yes, you can. Just drop us a fishing line stating how much you’d like the voucher for and we will send it to your chosen address

You can call us during office hours for any advice and product information including pricing where a SumUp invoice can then be emailed or text enabling you to pay by credit card or visa.

Sadly not yet but we do plan to in the future.

Yes, of course you can return anything you buy off us as long as it meets up with the policy details found here.

Yes we do have a beginners guide for anyone new to inflatable boat fishing.

All you need to know about how we track your cookies can be found here

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