Now taking pre-orders for the H7

Better late than never.

Expected on monday the two prototypes didn’t arrive until Friday. Apparently customs wanted to inspect the packages sent over so recalled them from TNT leaving me somewhat frustrated for the whole week to say the least.

Susie definitely got girlfriend of the year for going to collect them from Seago HQ and they were ready and waiting for when I got back from my trip to Canterbury.

At last they were here and I couldn’t wait to unpack mine and set up to see how it looked. Even Susie could see my excitement and allowed me to take over the front room for the next hour while I eagerly inflated the tubes one by one seeing it come to life.

Wow. It looks amazing. Only one box to unpack with one overall bag to keep it in which was different to most Inflatable boats meaning the air deck stays put where it is with a hole about 6 inches in diameter to give access to the keel valve. Very clever.

I‘ll do a video setup for sure with a full review as soon as possible. Today Ben is here to pick the second boat and then i’ll be busy accessorising the boat with Railblaza products.

Happy Days

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