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So with the new boat safely in my hands it was time to kit it out with the Railblaza accessories.

Where better to do it than in the back garden and on the kitchen table :-0 The VHB pads needed a hairdryer to soften them up and mold around the tubes, the cleat on the bow being the trickiest.

Managed to get them on OK but how well stuck down they stay with a rope, chain and anchor on the end in a strong pull while out at sea I don’t know, so that will be put to the test next time I’m out.

For the transducer I pieced together a selection of Railblaza parts that enable it to swivel round in all the directions needed to find the optimal position close to the transom and keel gaining the best signal. Again something that can be tweaked and tested when I’m next out.

This was simply stuck to the transom with a QuickPort VHB pad. I placed the VHB mounts at various positions along the tubes of the SIB and can swap and change accessories to suit the different types of fishing I’m doing.

The bait table sits nicely on the one side for when I’m needing to cut up slithers of mackerel or can be removed to then mount a phone for filming, vhf radio or a couple of rod holders. Now,,wheres the sun?

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