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A busy month

So June started off pretty quiet both sales wise as well as opportunities to go out on the boat what with the summer taking it’s time to arrive this year.

Then all of a sudden the sun comes out and the phone starts ringing. That’s the bizarre way the boating world works I guess.

The Hydrus boats are on the ocean slowly making their way over to the UK while the eagerly waiting members of the group that have ordered them get excited.

One or two more have been added to the list as well as a couple of Seago Spirit boats making their way to members around the UK.

One of the groups trusted suppliers Dorset Marine Training hosted a VHF radio course for 4 members of the group to attend. Learning how to use these radio sets is imperative.

You never know in the case of an emergency how well you will cope under the pressure of a MOB or a simple engine failure while drifting in to danger, so completing the course you will feel so much more confident owning one and knowing you’ll be competent using it.

So, get to know your Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and be sure to book in with these guys for either the VHF radio course and exam or even the RYA Powerboat 2 course that they also do.

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